Duplo- Digital Duplicators

DP-L210 Digital Duplicator
The DP-L210 is no different than a copier when it comes to ease of use. From programming a job on the control panel to
replacing ink cartridges and master rolls, the digital duplicator’s
simple design makes it easy for anyone to operate.
DP-U950 Duplicator
The DPU950 boasts a remarkable array of innovative functions and features designed to meet the demands of the ever evolving print market. This top-of-the-line digital printing system handles various paper stocks and sizes, and features an integrated computer connectivity and landmark air feed technology, setting the bar for industry standards.
Duplo’s DP-J450 Digital Printing System
provides users with essential features,
ease of use, and a variety of options.
DP-F510 Duplicator
The DP-F510 is the most productive machine in its class due to its high efficiency speed, feed/receive capacity and ample amount of document memory.
DP-F850 Duplicator
Duplo’s DP-F850 is designed to be faster, easier to use, and less expensive to operate. Continuous innovation is why Duplo remains the choice of government agencies,
educational and religious institutions, quick and in-plant print shops, and now many more industries.
DP-A120 Duplicator
The low price and operating costs make the DP-A120 the perfect choice for any organization with tight budget constraints.
The G310 provide things such as : A large LCD Screen, user-friendly control panel
simplifies operation;
Reliable Paper Feeding & Double Feed Detection, ensure the stable feeding with the stepping motor and adjustable separator; Improved Stacking Performance, the U-shaped receiving tray stacks the prints neatly.

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