Applied Print Care

"Print Care Soothes Printer Pain"

Ask Yourself...

Have I accidentally ordered toner for the same printer twice?

Has my printer been inoperable because we ran out of toner before I could order more?

Have I ever ordered toner for the wrong printer?

Should I sign a long term contract in order to save a couple bucks right now?

How should I manage my printer in order to minimize waste?

Have I ever had toner for a printer I no longer have?

        All these questions are common when determining the best way to save money in regards to your printers.

What is Applied Print Care?

  • Applied Print Care is a managed print service provided by Applied Business Concepts. It is used to manage the printer fleet in your office, whether it is 3 printers or 300 printers. This service is not specified to any size office which is why it is so effective in saving companies money and improving efficiency.

How 'Green' Is It?

  • Applied Print Care can provide you a detailed report of your "Green Impact". This is based on the recycling of used printing consumables.

How Does It Work If I Sign Up?

  • Click below and we will contact you with more specific information. In order to show your interest you can submit your basic information here.

Why Should I Use APC?

  • Never Order Toner Again: Your printer will never be out of toner and you will never have to worry about over ordering since your printer will automatically alert us if you are running low.

  • Service And Parts Are Included: You will never pay a labor charge or for parts for your printer.

  • Your Existing Equipment Qualifies: You do not have to buy printers from us to take advantage of this great opportunity.